MobiTrec Price Checker MobiTrec Price Checker

MobiTrec Price Checker

MobiTrec Price Checker is a simple mobile application for indoor sales staff to manage retail pricing of the store. A scan of the retail barcode immediately show the product pricing, SKU, description and brand. A must have tools for a busy outlets to improve customer services and retain customers.

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Improve your customer relationship with your sales staff by empowered them with ready product and price information in their fingertips. Design for small business and stores who want to automate pricing management with barcode scanning.  MobiTrec Price Check come with a desktop database software that let you manage your SKU price information in your stores. Simple to Use and Ready to Use.

  •     Avoid cumbersome manual processes of price tag printing and labelling
  •     Instant SKU Price information with a barcode scan
  •     Maintain a database of SKU pricing electronically with the desktop software

Desktop Console

Price Checker Desktop Database

Sync to Mobile Device

Sync to Mobile Device 2

Mobile Device Screen

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